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Welcome to Green Culture Family Farm Inc. School


At Green Culture Family Farm, we are committed to providing a learning experience that is innovative, interactive and inspiring. Our online classes are designed to help students explore and engage with the world around them, with a growth mindset approach that fosters resilience and determination. With a range of subjects on offer, from science to art, we believe in providing a meaningful education that will help students to develop lifelong skills. Come and join our learning community and take the first step towards discovering the world of knowledge!

About Us

A Journey of Growth Mindset and Creative Discovery with STEAM

Our Courses

Empowering Young Minds to Explore and Create PreK-12th Grade

Chemistry Class


Expert Teachers

Our teachers are passionate and experienced in providing STEAM education to PreK-12th grade students.

Our Course Benefits


Online Community

Join our online community and connect with other families who share your passion for STEAM education.


Flexible Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to be flexible and cater to the individual learning needs of each student.


“Green Culture Family Farm Inc. School is amazing! My kids love the interactive lessons and fun activities.”

Quote from a dedicated parent

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